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Welcome to the Genomics Module!

This century began with the great scientific achievement of sequencing the human genome and those of many other organisms. The new technological capabilities that are part of the molecular biologist toolkit have a revolutionary impact on the practice of biomedical and biotechnological research.

The purpose of this module of the Master of Advanced Genetics at UAB is to provide a modern and dynamic vision of Genomics. Emphasis is on the major challenges of current research. We hope that the small number of students will generate a warm atmosphere that facilitates interaction and discussion. Recent works and key issues will be discussed in the classroom. In addition, students are requested to present in class a freely chosen topic of the program and discuss the latest developments and future perspectives.



Master in Advanced Genetics
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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Master in Advanced Genetics: Module of Genomics

"We really are living in an age of miracle and wonder, we are lucky to be alive todayJuan EnriquezTED TalkThe age of genetic wonder  


Milestones in Genomic Sequencing (Nature 2021)


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